So, month 4 is done. I’m not a professional athlete…. yet! But I am improving! My search for how to become a professional athlete continues.

In my March blog it was very apparent that boredom and monotony was setting in and so I sought a more interesting way to practise that would catapult me to darting stardom….maybe…eventually! As per the rules set out in this challenge I can only change one thing a month and then assess the difference that changing it has made.

For the first three months I had been aiming at treble 20, and so this month I could make the training more enjoyable but couldn’t change the target area as that would be changing two things. So I used these dart’s practise rings to make the practise more interesting and guess what… it’s made a difference. I’ve found the hour of practise a day less monotonous, more enjoyable and I have felt more focused. I feel more confident at the board and am not dreading the hour of practise anymore! The last 20 minutes is still a challenge but it definitely feels better than last month. 

So what difference has this change made? 

Each month I throw 501 darts at treble 20 and record the score and the average in order to see what improvements have been made.

March results – Score 7607 – Average 44.55

April results – Score 8185 – Average 49.01

So this months experiment proves fairly fruitful. Adding some more interesting training seems to have made an impact. 

Next up – goal setting and tracking. 

Goal setting and tracking is hugely popular in the sporting and fitness world. There are supposedly many benefits to tracking your goals but I’m not particularly knowledgeable in this area, so for the purposes of science I purchased and read a new books in preparation.

Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want — Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible by Brian Tracey has been a thoroughly enjoyable read. Not only can I see the benefits that it could add to this challenge but I can also see areas in my life in which I can use the 21 strategies outlined in this book to make dramatic changes and improvements. Who knew that becoming a professional darts player would make me a better, more rounded human being #bonus #winningatlife 

So what next?

I’ve set some goals, I’m now going to track everything I do so that next month I will be able to give a breakdown of darts thrown and other fabulously, interesting metrics – how terribly exciting! Bring on a massive jump in my average, is December too soon to become Darts World Champion? 

Darts career summary 

1st February 2021 – 99 darts – 1490 points – 45.15 three dart average. (before doing any practise at all)

1st March 2021 – 99 darts – 1508 – 45.69 three dart average (after 30 minutes practise every day)

1st April 2021 – 501 darts – 7607 – 45.55 three dart average (after 60 minutes practise every day)

1st May 2021 – 501 darts – 8185 – 49.01 three dart average (after practising with darts rings for 60 minutes a day)


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