Month 5 complete.

Have I become a professional athlete? Not yet! Am I on my way to becoming a professional athlete? Maybe! 

It’s been a very interesting month and motivation has gone through the roof. In my last blog, after reading Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want — Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible by Brian Tracey, I decided to start tracking my darts and setting targets and genuinely I can really see the benefits. I am shocked at how motivational it has been to simply count the darts I’ve thrown and then set targets week by week to beat the previous week.

Keeping within the parameters of this experiment I can only change one aspect of my training a month, however I could quite easily have gone over my hour a day this month just to try and throw more darts than the previous day/week. I’m starting to feel like I want to practise more than my allowed time! I feel like this added motivation will help me to become a professional athlete.

I threw 18616 darts in May, if you’re interested! And in other news I threw my first ever 180! Ridiculous! 5 months ago, when writing my February blog, I would have said you were mad if you told me I could throw a 180! Mainly because in month one the wall around my board had more holes in it than Swiss cheese! But here we are and I’m proud of it! Was taking a photo too much… probably… yet I did! Could that photo have been faked? Easily! But I didn’t! I promise! Are there more to come? Hopefully! 

So what difference has this tracking my darts and target setting made? 

Each month I throw 501 darts at treble 20 and record the score and the average in order to see what improvements have been made.

March results – Score 7607 – Average 44.55

April results – Score 8185 – Average 49.01

May results – Score 8659 – Average 51.85

Further improvements have been made this month. Not as much as the previous month but steady none the less!

Next up – Competition! 

Can adding competition into practise make a difference to sporting performance? Will it help me to become a professional athlete? I hope so! 

What will I change? 

Throughout the month of June I will continue to play for an hour a day and continue to aim at treble 20 and track my score, but I will add in competition via a darts scoring app. I will use the app to compete in a game mode that tracks 100 darts at a time and scores you on how many times you hit a 20. Treble being worth 3 points, double 2 and single 1! 

What will this achieve? 

This will basically make my practise a game, a repetitive game yes, but a game none the less. Will gameplay make a difference to my averages? Will gameplay catapult me to darting stardom? Read next months blog to find out. 

Darts career summary 

February 2021 – 99 darts – 1490 points – 45.15 three dart average. (before doing any practise at all)

March 2021 – 99 darts – 1508 – 45.69 three dart average (after 30 minutes practise every day)

April 2021 – 501 darts – 7607 – 45.55 three dart average (after 60 minutes practise every day)

May 2021 – 501 darts – 8185 – 49.01 three dart average (after practising with darts rings for 60 minutes a day)

June 2021 – 501 darts – 8659 – 51.85 three dart average (after tracking every dart and setting daily targets) 


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