Month 6 and 7 complete of my challenge to find out how to become a professional athlete.  So this blog includes two months.  Why? because life got in the way!  June saw two attempted house moves, a wedding and no darts! I have managed to keep up the practise in July and have continued the experiment.


In my June blog I said I was going to add in competition via a darts game on an app.  I have to say this has given me fresh motivation and enjoyment and it’s one of the first things I have done throughout this experiment that has actually allowed me to feel like I am getting better.  I have enjoyed the competitive element and have found that each time I play I am trying to beat my score. 

Competition has also brought with it some negatives.  I now have sessions where I leave the board feeling disappointed not to have beaten my personal best, and there are some sessions where I am nowhere near my best score that are quite frankly depressing.  But one in every six or seven sessions when that personal best falls the feeling is enough to keep me going for the following week.  I’m starting to feel what it might feel like to win the Darts World Championship.  I have also started to feel nerves for the first time.  When I’m on my 90th dart and I’m in line for a PB I actually start to get nervous and at times my arm shakes like a chihuahua in winter.  This does however give me more ideas for things I can do later on to improve.  I feel some mindset coaching coming on!

Each month I throw 501 darts at treble 20 and record the score and the average in order to see what improvements have been made.

March results – Score 7607 – Average 44.55

April results – Score 8185 – Average 49.01

May results – Score 8659 – Average 51.85

June results – No darts

July results – Score 9652 – Average 57.8

What does this show?

This is the biggest jump of the experiment so far and I’m not surprised.  Competition has been the addition that has brought about the most enjoyment and motivation.  I have wanted to practise and have found that competition has allowed me to look forward to sessions.  This is a stark contrast to some of the earlier months where I documented feeling bored by the practise. A 57.8 average isn’t going to win the World Darts Championship but it is a significant jump from the previous month. It’s definitely heading in the right direction and I’m definitely heading in the right direction on my journey to become a professional athlete.

What next?

So next month I need to make another change and having enjoyed the addition of competition, I am going to use a darts website to help me to vary the competition.  I will use godartspro, which includes 50+ different games that will give me both competition and variation of competition. 

Darts career summary 

February 2021 – 99 darts – 1490 points – 45.15 three dart average. (before doing any practise at all)

March 2021 – 99 darts – 1508 – 45.69 three dart average (after 30 minutes practise every day)

April 2021 – 501 darts – 7607 – 45.55 three dart average (after 60 minutes practise every day)

May 2021 – 501 darts – 8185 – 49.01 three dart average (after practising with darts rings for 60 minutes a day)

June 2021 – 501 darts – 8659 – 51.85 three dart average (after tracking every dart and setting daily targets) 

August 2021 – 501 darts – 9652 – 57.8 three dart average (after adding in competition to my practise sessions)


I am getting close to a 60 average which would be a fantastic achievement, having started at 45.15, six months ago.  Will I get there next month? Maybe, maybe not but it feels as if it’s within reach.  July also saw me hit 100,000 darts during this experiment and saw me hit my 13th 180.  They’re almost becoming regular occurrences now! But seriously, considering it took four months to throw my first, throwing 13 is quite pleasing and something that I would never thought possible at the beginning of this experiment. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog to follow my journey to find an answer to the question, how to become a professional athlete.


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