One month in, I hate darts, am bored of practise and don’t seem to have improved at all. I don’t actually hate it, but you get the point, repetitively throwing darts at the treble 20 is mildly tedious, but that was the agreed practise method for the month of February. 

My first foray into the world of sports improvement involved mindless practise. This, certainly for me, is not the way to practise. 

My first ever session as documented in my February blog had me throw 100 darts to get an average and a score. They were as follows – 

1st February 2021 – 99 darts – 1490 points – 45.15 three dart average.

I am desperate to find a way of making my practise more exciting and more enjoyable. However, in the interests of the experiment my next plan of action will be to double my practise time over the month of March. In February, I threw roughly 350 darts a day for half an hour. In March I shall throw roughly 700 darts for an hour a day. Doubling my practise and seeing if that makes a difference. The training methods will not change at all, mindlessly throwing at the treble 20, over and over and over again, and probably not hitting it most of the time. 

What is the best way to get good at darts? Is it simply upping the hours you practise? We will see! 

I’m sure you are aware of the 10,000 hours question. Can 10,000 hours of practice make you an expert? The 10,000 hour rule was invented by Malcolm Gladwell, who worked with musicians to find how many hours it would take for them to become world class. Gladwell simply mentions the quantity of practise. 10,000 hours to become world class. This is all documented in his book, Outliers: The story of success. So this has led me down the route of upping my practise time. Granted, an hour a week is a long way from the 10,000 hour mark, but it’s a start, and it’s more than last month. Let’s see where it takes me. Ton plus average here I come….slowly…eventually…one day….maybe! 

Speaking of the 10,000 hours, I will be reading Matthew Syed’s book Bounce which comes highly recommended and covers many of the principles of Gladwell’s 10,000 hours. The book may potentially lead to some insights for future months practises. We shall see.

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Darts Update

1st February 2021 – 99 darts – 1490 points – 45.15 three dart average.

1st March 2021 – 99 darts – 1508 – 45.69 three dart average

So as you can see 30 minutes a day for a month hasn’t exactly set the world alight in terms of improvement. Let’s see what an hour a day does. Check back for Aprils blog article to find out!

Whatever your chosen sport, Sports Coach Online can help you to reach your sporting potential. Whatever your sporting aim, We are part of the solution. 

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