Are you as good at your sport as you could be? Should be? Deserve to be? Would you like to improve your sports performance? These are the thoughts that have troubled me for years! I know I could have taken a sport to the highest level, I just didn’t know how. 

It’s too late for me now, or is it? Perhaps as a hockey player my peak has been and gone but as a darts player? As a darts player I definitely haven’t hit my peak. How do I know this? Simple! I’ve never played! Presumably if I play darts every day this week surely I will get better meaning that I could not possibly have been at my peak. 

I set up Sports Coach Online to help amateur sportspeople reach their potential. That will also be the aim for this blog. If this blog or my company helps just one person reach their potential then it will be worth it, any more than that and it will be a dream come true. 

Why was I banging on about some weird darts reference? Well, if I’m going to run a company that helps people reach their potential then it’s only fair I practise what I preach. If I interview a professional sportsperson who swears that their success has come from doing a ‘roly poly’ every time they step (roll) onto the field of play then I won’t be telling you to do it unless I’ve given it a go myself! I’ll roll up to the oche before every dart if it helps me and in turn you. Disclaimer – I haven’t, yet, met anyone who swears that a ‘roly poly’ will improve sporting performance. Except gymnasts, all gymnasts definitely swear by them! Anyway, I digress, the articles within this blog will all aim to be insights into sporting performance or to help improve sporting performance in some way. It doesn’t matter what age you are, if you want to improve in your sport then join us on this exciting journey. 

Subscribe to our Sports Coach Online newsletter to keep up to date, or check back regularly to see what we’ve been up to. I will track my own journey towards darting super stardom and let’s see where it takes me! 

Darts Update

I have a board, and some darts. I threw 99 darts aiming for treble 20 to get my current 3 dart average and a total score. 

1st February 2021 – 99 darts – 1490 points – 45.15 three dart average.

Over the next month I am going to practise for 30 minutes a day (15 hours a month) to see what happens. I am not going to do any research into practise methods or pay any particular attention to what I’m doing. I will simply throw darts at the treble 20 for half an hour. Let’s see what happens. 

How to get better at darts? I have a fair idea but I’m going to be dictated to by the science and a series of experiments to find what really works. I’m not sure this will lead to the Darts World Championships, but you never know. 

Whatever your chosen sport, Sports Coach Online can help you to reach your sporting potential. Whatever your sporting aim, We are part of the solution. 

Yours in sport,


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