Even the most casual golf fan will know how much technological advancements have enhanced the game, allowing players to hit the ball further and with greater spin control.  Just look at the way Bryson Dechambeau was hitting the ball at the recent Ryder Cup! However, what you may not know is that technology, such as video analysis, now plays an integral part in how golf professionals conduct their lessons.  

How do coaches use technology to get the most out of each lesson?

The use of slow-motion video is a useful way to provide visual feedback to golfers. Increased availability of camera technology in tablets and mobile phones allows players to be able to see their swing immediately after it was recorded.  Use of video recordings allow golf coaches to break down their mentees golf swing frame by frame. They can then explain each movement in a golfer’s swing. This will help a player see exactly what is happening during their swing as opposed to what they think is happening.  This immediate feedback is extremely beneficial from a learning perspective. 

Let’s take a look at some of the capabilities of video swing analysis.

Coaches are able to compare a golfer’s swing to that of themselves or other professionals such as Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, and even past legends such as Ben Hogan.

Cameras can be high-speed, shooting 240 frames per second, featuring wide-angle lenses to obtain even a greater amount of data. In addition to being high-speed, cameras now have HD technology. This works extremely well no matter how much or how little light is available.  

There are now diverse touch screen video editing tools available, such as slow-motion playback, freeze frame and side by side comparison shots. 

Teaching professionals around the world are making the most of technological advancements to enhance their lessons. 

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Side by side comparison using video analysis
Video Analysis in Golf

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